European Network Ethical Use of AI

Warm welcome to our European Network on the Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

The European Network „Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)“ is established as lively community and open platform for the informal exchange of ideas and experiences. It focuses the personal, organisational and legal challenges of AI services for their ethical and trustworthy introduction and use. The implementation of AI raises many questions and concerns in all educational sectors, levels and for all involved stakeholders that require a careful consideration and moderation.

Our topics

We share our thoughts and findings and discuss diverse aspects such as:

  • How can an organisational strategy for the development and implementation of AI services be developed?
  • Which dimensions and criteria requires a framework in particular for the ethical and trustworthy use of AI?
  • How can the legal conditions of the GDPR and other laws be fulfilled?
  • In which manner can we speak to internal colleagues and external interested parties to sensitise for the ethical use of AI?
  • And how can we integrate AI services in education and teaching in a meaningful way as well as test and critically reflect them?

The European Network „Ethical Use of AI“ results from the Workshop on „Artificial Intelligence and Education: Ethical and organizational questions“ at the International AIED Conference 2023 in Tokyo, Japan. The European Network came together on 13th of July 2023 online for the first time. Since then, it regularly meets on a monthly basis and all interested persons are cordially welcome!

Interested to participate?

Would you like to join us?

For your participation, just send a simple e-mail to the network coordinator Dr. Christian M. Stracke of the University of Bonn:

<stracke [at]>

We are looking forward to you and your contributions!